Cattedra Galileiana 2012

Cattedra Galileiana per l’anno accademico 2011/2012

Prof.  Avi Loeb

Chair, Astronomy Department, Harvard University
Director, Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC)

Le lezioni del prof. Loeb si sono tenute tra la fine di giugno e l’inizio di luglio alla Scuola Normale: il 26 e 27 giugno e il 3 e 4 luglio.


Lecture I: Structure Formation in the Universe. Basic principles of the standard model of cosmology, and the growth of structure in our cosmic past and future.
Lecture II: The First Galaxies and Reionization. Overview of the current research frontier concerning the first galaxies and their effects on the rest of the Universe.
Lecture III: A Closer Look at Black Holes. The physics of astrophysical black holes and new techniques to probe the strong gravity around them.
Lecture IV: Future Frontiers in Cosmology from a Galilean Perspective. Overview of emerging frontiers in cosmology, and advice to young researchers regarding how to choose among them.

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